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Zapper - Bacterio-Zap™BacterioZap

Eliminates bacteria, viruses, and parasites from the human body.

The Bacterio-Zap™ (or Bacteriozap™) is an electric impulse generator invented by Prof. Fisher. Powered by a common 9-volt battery, it generates a positive square waveform with a 30 kHz frequency. Held with each pole in one hand, the Bacterio-Zap sends a completely unnoticeable alternating current through the body (that is, it cannot be felt by humans). All foreign bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds, and fungi within the body are killed by the current, and this easy-to-use device is safe for everybody but pregnant women and people with a pacemaker. The device can be used as often or as little as necessary, subsequent operations just as effectively eliminating pathogens as the first, and causing no ill effect to the user. A single Bacterio-Zap™ can be used by the entire family for years!
Battery included.

12cm(5in)*8cm(3.5in)*2.5cm(1in) - Made in Poland    $74.99   


Improves the quality of water and all other beverages.

The ADR-4 is a device for energizing beverages and food. It changes the structure of consumables placed upon it and makes them more healthy for consumption by living organisms. The water energized by the ADR-4 has a beneficial influence on the human homeostatic balance. Simply place a glass of water or any food on the ADR-4 plate for a few minutes to experience the effects after consumption. This device has received numerous commendations and awards, including a gold medal at the 2001 World Genius Convention in Tokyo, Japan, the Marie Curie Skłodowska Medal, and a gold medal at EUREKA 1998, in Brussels, Belgium. The dimensions provided are for the ADR-4 plate itself, not the box it is shipped in.

Diameter: 10cm(4in), Thickness: 1.5cm(0.6in) - Made in Poland    $67.99   

ADR ProtectADR-4

Increases human immunity.

The ADR Protect uses magnetic properties similar to those of the ADR-4, but on a far more portable level. This compact device (about the size of a Canadian or US quarter) can be affixed almost anywhere - a phone case, a wallet, the back of a wrist watch - and passively protects the user from harmful external influences. The ADR Protect works by mildly stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which increases the body's resistance to foreign factors, particularly powerful electromagnetic fields - these are generated by nearly every electronic appliance, and so surround us more and more with every passing year. The ADR Protect bears the formal approval of the Work Medicine Institute of Łódź, as well as the official "CE" approval of the Europian Union. The device can be safely used by anyone, including pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

Diameter: 2cm(4in), Thickness: 2mm(0.12in) - Made in Poland    $19.99   


Blocks and provides protection against harmful electric fields.

Any appliance, socket, or power cable in your home can be the source of a powerful electric field. This type of radiation interferes with the function of your brain, compromises your immune system, wreaks havoc on your sleep, and raises the temperature of your body. ADR MAT is a simple shield against electric fields that you simply slip underneath your mattress - it greatly minimizes all incoming electric fields and thus stops their negative effects. It allows for a relaxing and healthy sleep. Woven from high quality materials, the ADR MAT is hypoallergenic. As a passive devices, it requires no power supply, and can work indefinitely.

200cm x 90cm - Weight: 400g - Made in Poland $84.99  

White Mustard Seed Mattress MatWhite Mustard Seed Mattress Mat

For general wellness of being.
Relieves pain, enhances circulation, improves sleep.

White mustard seed has the strongest bio-field of all plants with bio-magnetic properties, with a field diameter of approximately 20 cm (8 in). The positive influence of this bio-field on the human body has been confirmed by countless studies. White mustard seed has been known for centuries as a natural pain killer, and the white mustard seed mattress mat can help in relieving the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation of the joints. It's safe and effective, working as a pain reliever and treatment for most types of pain, including muscle pain, chest pain, and back pain. In addition, it has proven itself as an effective pain reliever for migraine headaches and barometric/weather-change induced headaches. Often used in post-injury and post-surgery recovery, the white mustard seed mattress mat helps stabilize blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and strengthen the immune system. Keeping this mat under your bedsheet would expose your body to the positive influence of the bio-field while you sleep: Over one-third of your life. Mattress mat cover is made of 100% cotton, and the mat is effective for 3 years before it has to be replaced.
Note: Color may vary from picture.

160cm*70cm*1cm / 6.00 kg (14.4 lb) - Made in Poland   $99.99  

Oczar Gel (aka Witch Hazel)Oczar Gel

Relieves muscle, joint, and wound pain.

Oczar Gel is made from an extract of the bark and leaves of Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), a shrub that naturally grows in eastern Canada and the US. Witch Hazel is often called "Indian gold", and regarded highly by the Native American people for its exceptional properties. Various bio-chemical tests have confirmed the positive characteristics of Oczar (witch hazel). Oczar is used to treat inflammations, rheumatism, bleeding, hemorrhoids (especially hemorrhoids), varicose and spider veins, swellings, bruises, insect bites, and wrinkles, as well as muscle, joint, and back pain. Oczar is an astringent and is effectively used in skin regeneration.

1.7 FL OZ / 50 ml ℮ - Made in Poland    $11.99          

Amber BalmAmber Balm

Assists in a warming massage rub.

Amber balm is made from an alcoholic extract of amber from the Baltic Sea. This tonic has been used by Slavs and Scandinavians for the past 600 years, ever since they discovered a method of alcoholic extraction. Amber balm improves circulation and relieves pain, and is used to treat rheumatism, viral infections, and colds, as well as muscle, joint, and back pain.


1.7 FL OZ / 50 ml ℮ - Made in Poland    $11.99   

Magnetic Knee WrapMagnetic Knee Wrap

Hot and Cold Magnetic Knee Wrap - relief for strains, sprains, and bruishing

Retains body heat while helping to compress injured area, comfortable lightweight design, convenient hook and loop fasteners, one size fits most.
Includes gel pack – can be used frozen or heated.

Made in China    $54.99   

Magnetic Elbow WrapMagnetic Elbow Wrap

Hot and Cold Magnetic Elbow Wrap - relief for strains, sprains, and bruishing

Retains body heat while helping to compress injured area, comfortable lightweight design, convenient hook and loop fasteners, one size fits most.
Includes gel pack – can be used frozen or heated.

Made in China    $44.99   

Magnetic Ankle WrapMagnetic Ankle Wrap

Hot and Cold Magnetic Ankle Wrap - relief for strains, sprains, and bruishing

Retains body heat while helping to compress injured area, comfortable lightweight design, convenient hook and loop fasteners, one size fits most.
Includes gel pack – can be used frozen or heated

Made in China    $44.99   

Oczar Healthy LegsOczar Healthy Legs

Allieviates the feeling of wearied and heavy legs

Made from extracts from the stem and leaves of the American Witch Hazel plant - an herb that is found naturally growing on the eastern seaboard of North America. This Witch Hazel was known as the "Indian Gold" for its powerful and unique herbal properties. The active ingredients extracted from this plant and found in Oczar Healthy Legs eliminate the feeling of weary and sore legs, increase the elasticity of skin, ease the damage caused by varicose veins - they heal and nourish.

3.4 FL OZ / 100 ml ℮ - Made in Poland    $17.99   

Vital MatVital Mat

Alleviates pain, stress, and tension.

By stimulating the body's natural acupuncture points and increasing blood flow, the Vital Mat helps your body filter out toxins like lactic acid and carbon dioxide. At the same time, it promotes the production of endorphins and oxytocin (the hormones of pleasure). In doing this, the Vital Mat alleviates pain, promotes more restful sleep, increases blood circulation, and leads to greater overall health. Merely sitting or lying upon the mat for 20-30 minutes is enough to feel a powerful sense of calm and restfullness. As a passive product, the Vital Mat works indefinitely.

70cm x 45cm x 2cm - Weight: 500g - Made in Germany    $89.99   

Pick Up and Reaching ToolWindshield Cover

Useful to anybody with a limited range of motion.

When you can't quite get to something, this handy grabber will extend your reach by nearly 1m (3 feet).
- Reach under furniture.
- Pick up items off the floor, without bending down.
- Reach to a shelf.
- Change a light bulb.
- Put away groceries.
- And so much more...
For use in the home, yard, office, car, boat, etc...
Note: Color may vary from picture.

Made in China    $14.99